Term Two Binary Control Test and MEMO:

As promised please find below the Test and MEMO:

Extra Credit

For those of you who have not yet claimed for extra credit using Code.org. Please be away they have now acquired the rights to include the Minecraft APK. In english - you get to create and play with your own Minecraft world. Check out the link below:


For you Grade 9's though I expect nothing less than the best - so please feel free to begin working through the courses available on the Code Academy website. Remember you can claim anything between 2% and 5% toward your term marks; depending on the length/ content covered in the course. To claim all you have to do is email me a screen dump from the certification page, and poof, bang, Bob's your uncle; Sheila's your aunt.


Microsoft Programming Competition:

As promised, and just to recap. Microsoft is working, this year, in conjunction with NASA and have put together an awesome (and accessible) programming contest - the Imagine Cup.

You are required to create a game, narrative (story) or simulation using one of several Microsoft Coding Apps. The theme is inspired by the kinds of earth sciences NASA and other researchers do every day.

Here's the link if you're keen. Let me know iif I can help in any way. Mr. J.

The Imagine Cup 2016

A Huge Welcome to You Grade 9's

2016's New Captains of Industry!

This year is going to be filled with so many 'fun' activities. Fun for me, activities for you. I actually cannot wait to get started. That said, you first assignment is due in a week's time - please see the link of the right of your screen. Ahhh, but we will have fun - I promise. You will enjoy IT this year if you apply what I taught you last year, apply what you learned on your own, and most importantly - apply yourself, period. Do you work on time and you will never run out of time. The is a huge workload, but should you stay on top of things, I have no doubt you will score an 'A'.

So welcome to your new wiki Grade 9's. Here's hoping you really engage with the content herein. Your first assignment for this term as I said is due Wednesday 20th January. Details have been posted in the Assessment tab on the right. That's right we are now officially up and into the term and even though you're probably thinking of the Bonding Tour at the end of the month - we have work, work, and more work to do before then.

I have posted a few sample assignments in the table along with the relevant rubrics and dates. Some assignments have a TBA (To Be Announced) due date posted there simply because we need to work around the term's official functions. This year we hope to extend your learning outside of the classroom environment. We plan to equip you with the skills necessary to work and learn independently. It is as they say: "Out of the Frying Pan, and into the Fire" we go.

Here's to a highly successful academic year. And to our new comers - welcome; what took you so long!? Please check out what you missed last year on - The Grade 8 Wiki

Any questions? Email me (see my address below).

BTW: Good luck for the test on Monday...;-p And may the Force be with you, may the odds be ever in your favor and may I never be drawn towards giving you detention. Amen.

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