Final Exam Preparation

As promised:

Mucho Mucho Importante' - June Exam Preparation

Hi all, as promised - Paper 1 (Practical) Exam prep. Please find below both the exam type questions as well as the datafiles needed to complete them. Again all of the very best for the exam. well done to all of you who managed a 'A' for the theory. I know it was not easy.

Many blessings. Adios.

Welcome to you new captains of industry!

Welcome to your new wiki Grade 9's. Here's hoping you really engage with the content herein. Your first assignment for this term, due Tuesday 20th January, is posted in the Assessment tab on the right. That's right we are now officially up and into the term and even though we leave for Bonding Tour next Wednesday we have work, work, and more work to do.

I have posted a few sample assignments in the table along with the relevant rubrics and dates. Some assignments have a TBA (To Be Announced) due date posted there simply because we need to work around the term's official functions. This year we hope to extend your learning outside of the classroom environment. We plan to equip you with the skills necessary to work and learn independently. It is as they say: "Out of the Frying Pan, and into the Fire" we go.

Here's to a highly successful academic year. And to our new comers - welcome; what took you so long!?

Any questions? Email me (see my address below) or Darshy (
BTW: Good luck for the test on Monday...;-p